Cocktails fit for a king


We celebrated our 325th anniversary this year. For over one-third of that time, we’ve produced iterations of what’s now known as The King’s Ginger: our famed ginger liqueur. Fiery, warming and spiced, it’s an excellent choice for winter – and, as we find below, it’s also versatile enough to work well in a variety of cocktails  

King Edward VII’s Royal Physician first commissioned a “warming, revivifying tonic” from us in 1903. The result was the first iteration of The King’s Ginger: a unique and fiery spirit that the King would drink directly from a saddle flask, likely while driving his beloved Daimler in the winter months. 

Its popularity spread amongst aristocratic fishing and hunting parties – and beyond. Today, it remains a much-loved liqueur, although today it’s more likely to be sipped from a tumbler or cocktail glass than from the saddle flasks of old.  

The unique combination of warming ginger, fresh lemon zest and honeyed golden syrup flavours brings a distinctive twist to many a classic cocktail. Explore two of our favourites here. 

The King’s Fizz 

Champagne hardly needs an extra touch of decadence – but at Christmas, why not indulge in a sparkling cocktail or two? Here, we combine the honeyed spice of The King’s Ginger with all the complex fruit and pastry notes of our Brut Champagne, for a deliciously wintery drink. 

The King’s Penicillin

When The King’s Ginger was first created, both lemon and honey – key ingredients in our liqueur and this cocktail alike– were viewed as having highly medicinal properties. This is named in tribute; a splash of Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch is balanced wonderfully by the sweet yet refreshing liqueur.  

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