Month: January, 2015

What to drink in 2015: Burgundy

In part two of our series on which bottles to uncork in the coming year, our Cellar Plan Manager Tom Cave examines the Burgundy vintages reaching their peak White Burgundy It’s generally felt that only a few wines from vintages that predate 2002 will be holding up, of those since the 2003s are fully ripe […]

The wine of kings, the king of wines

Inspired by a customer letter dating back to the 1930s, our resident Wine Education Specialist Anne McHale MW charts the parallels between the vinous landscape of the Burgundy of then, and that of now Paradoxically, Burgundy has both changed remarkably and remained very much the same since this letter was sent to a Berry Bros. […]

New World order

Catriona Felstead MW – New World Buyer for both Wine Club and the business as a whole – recalls the bottle that first drew her to wine, and outlines the winemaking regions inspiring her today My husband remembers things by football matches – he has an amazingly accurate ability to recall where he was and […]

Pairing wine with spicy food

In part five of our series, food writer Susie Carter takes a look at how to successfully pair wines with key ingredients. This month she tackles one of the trickiest areas: what to drink with spicy food After the rich fare of the Christmas period, I find myself craving fresh, spicy dishes in January to […]