Month: October, 2011

Rioja – Ancient and Modern

There is something beguiling about Spain, about the way in which this oldest of cultures is able to embrace the new and give it a pleasing twist of tradition. The beauty in that most modern of constructions, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, resides in its affinity to its surroundings; the way in which the shapes and […]

Alain Cailbourdin, the quiet man of Pouilly-Fumé, silences Berrys’ customers…

It was high time that Alain Cailbourdin made his debut at Berrys, having supplied wines to us since I first bought his 2002 vintage of Les Cornets. Here was an inaugural tasting that treated those present to a vertical of five vintages back to 2003. But you have to go back the early 1980s for […]

The Clash of the Tuscans: Guado al Tasso and Tignanello tasting at Berrys…

Did I really have to ask Filippo Pulisci, Antinori’s Export Director, to cut short his monologue on Sassicaia and return the focus of the evening in Berrys’ Pickering Cellar back to that of Guado al Tasso and Tignanello? I know he was only making the causal link between Giacomo Tachis, the once winemaker of both […]

One lonely, yet shining star in deepest Wiltshire

As the early evening mist rolled over the sleepy hamlet of little Bedwyn, we drove over the crest of a small stone bridge and arrived at the dimly lit exterior of the Harrow Inn with only the few terraced cottages illuminating our way. With the distant sound of a solitary owl penetrating the dusky quietness […]