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Bordeaux 2015: the role of the merchant

With his final epistle, Jonathan White emphasises the merchant’s role in assessing and advising on Bordeaux 2015, a vintage about which the team is undoubtedly excited. On Wednesday morning Christian Seely of Ch. Pichon Baron discussed with us the challenges of taking part in blind tastings and the difficulties faced when you are judging wines […]

Bordeaux 2015: classically styled and deliciously fresh

At the end of the team’s third day of tasting Bordeaux 2015 en primeur, Jonathan White compares the vintage to the “greats” of the last 20 years, highlighting the freshness of the wines. This 2015 Bordeaux vintage isn’t easy to describe as a collective. We, the merchants, will have to be very selective when recommending […]

Charming, focused and fresh: Bordeaux 2015

With a “wow” tasting to rival that of Ch. Palmer, and wines which continue to surprise in their focus and charm, the team’s second day of tasting Bordeaux 2015 revealed more about how the enigmatic 2015s are shaping up Today’s lesson was clear: it is going to be very hard to compare the 2015s to […]

Bordeaux 2015: Merlot’s moment?

Our man in Bordeaux – Jonathan White – reports on day one of the team’s week tasting Bordeaux 2015 en primeur, with preliminary thoughts on the importance of Merlot, how the vintage compares to 2005, 2009 and 2010 and the finesse exhibited thus far. We arrived in Bordeaux wondering just how good the 2015 vintage […]