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Bordeaux 2013: spare a thought for the winemakers

I’m glad I’m not a Bordeaux winemaker. Especially in en primeur week. And most especially in what everyone agrees is a “challenging” vintage, which much of the world’s press had already written off without tasting a single drop. At times, it must be terrific of course. FĂȘted the world over, and with a cellar full […]

Bordeaux 2013: Pauillac’s highs and lows

Putting rumour and conjecture to one side, a clearer picture of the 2013 vintage is emerging for our buying team as they complete their third full day of tasting. Jonathan White reports. It was a day of both historic blends and record yields today, with Ch. Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande in particular achieving just […]

2013 Bordeaux: a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot vintage?

With palates now fully acclimatised to the vintage (not to mention the early-morning tasting appointments), Jonathan White reports on the second full day of Bordeaux 2013. And there are, it seems, some pleasant surprises… Our morning began with a visit to Moueix, which is always a welcome start to the day given the wide range […]

Bordeaux 2013: confounding the critics

It’s fair to say that 2013 was a year to test the mettle of the Bordelaise winemakers but, says our Chairman Simon Berry, that makes the stars of the vintage shine all the brighter. In some ways, a difficult vintage is more interesting to taste than an easy vintage. Especially this year, when every region […]