Month: June, 2024

Meeting Bibi Graetz

This month, we announced our exclusive partnership with Bibi Graetz. During his latest visit to No.3 St James’s Street, we caught up with Bibi on his latest experiments, the power of terroir, and his legacy of turning Tuscany on its head.  Bibi Graetz is far from your standard Tuscan winemaker. Since founding his eponymous winery […]

The faces of BBX: Ben Chan

You might think that BBX is all about hard data, facts and figures. But behind our industry-leading fine wine exchange, there’s a team of passionate wine experts. Each is dedicated to helping people manage their cellars and, ultimately, drink better. Here, we meet Ben Chan, Senior BBX Wine Specialist.  Ben joined our BBX team last […]

Our menus through time

Berry Bros. & Rudd has hosted guests at No.3 St James’s Street for centuries. With a sample of menus from the 1930s, here we examine the food and the wines in our menus through time. If you have ever visited the guest lavatories at No.3 St James’s Street, you might have spotted the unique wallpaper. […]