Month: April, 2015

Bordeaux 2014: Like no other

At the end of his third day in Bordeaux Jonathan White praises the quality of the 2014 vintage and its truly unusual character. I have mentioned in other posts about the weather during the growing season, but I wanted to emphasise just how extraordinary it was in Pauillac: records were broken for the wettest January and […]

Bordeaux 2014: A game-changer

Nicholas Pegna – Director of our South-East Asia office – discusses how the game has changed when it comes to Bordeaux en primeur; with 2014 providing a crossroads for both the system and the region. In the last 15 years of tasting Bordeaux en primeur, I have seen a great deal of change. In the early […]

Bordeaux 2014: The importance of an Indian Summer

Following his second day in the region, Jonathan White remarks upon the unlikely character of the 2014 Bordeaux vintage, a combination of freshness and fruit; the gift of an Indian Summer. Vintage variation is one of the fundamental reasons why many of us love wine and, indeed, the wines of Bordeaux. In an age where […]