Month: October, 2012

Berrys’ Barolo has arrived! Vittore Alessandria introduces a key ingredient: his Campasso vineyard…

I am pleased to say that Berrys’ Barolo, the 2008 vintage as made by the historic cantina Fratelli Alessandria, is now for sale on our website! A traditional yet ripe expression of Italy’s fine Nebbiolo wine, Berrys’ Barolo 2008 is a blend of two Verduno vineyards: Rocche dell’Olmo and Campasso, aged in large slavonian oak barrels […]

Meet Catriona Felstead, Berrys’ newest Master of Wine

We were absolutely delighted to learn recently that Catriona Felstead, our Marketing Manager, was successful in passing her Master of Wine exam, making her the sixth MW to work at Berrys! Feeling that it was only fair to quiz her about such an achievement, we asked you on Facebook and Twitter to come up with […]

Berrys’ Team Visit Jenkyn Place

As the monsoon downpour continues, the Berrys’ team were invited on a tour of the Jenkyn Place vineyards in Bentley, Hampshire. “It’s been a challenging growing season,” says Simon Bladon as the Berrys’ team pass round umbrellas and pull on wellington boots.  As we walk around the vineyards the rain eases a little and Simon […]

Harvesting 2012 Nebbiolo (and Croatina, Vespolina and Uva Rara!) at Antoniotti Odilio e Mattia, Bramaterra…

Wrapping up this week’s Nebbiolo harvest reports 2012 is this from Antoniotti Odilio e Mattia in Bramaterra, Alto Piemonte. Here the terroir is very different to that of the Langhe, 90 mins drive south: in the pre-Alps, surrounded by thick forest, on predominantly volcanic, acid soils, the zone of Bramaterra (along with Gattinara and Boca nearby) […]