Month: August, 2011

Tonto or not tonto?

The word ‘tonto’ in Spanish refers to someone who is stupid or foolish, and unfortunately in one’s adventures through wine it is inevitable that such ‘tonto’ wine producers will make appearances: winemakers who are more interested in selling wines in bulk as early as possible, sometimes even stopping or quickening the fermentation process in order […]

“Guarda il calor del Sol che si fa vino…” Introducing Valpolicella’s Monte dei Ragni estate…

“Look how the warmth of the sun makes wine” Dante Alighieri in his acclaimed 14th century  poem, The Divine Comedy, reminds us of nature’s ability to transform and elevate the humble grape into a work of art; turning water into wine. Far from being a ‘classicist’ – although I sense I have a taste for […]

A legendary tasting of Bollinger R.D.

In the course of a career in the wine trade one can expect to attend a few tastings which might fall into the category of “special” but in July I was privileged to attend a presentation which will live long in the memory, and must rank as one of the most extraordinary in my 35-year […]

Meet the Berrys’ Own Whisky family

Back to basics this week with some more detailed thoughts on my recent tastings. Twitter is a great outlet for quick splurges of joy or vitriol, but to really wade into the meat (or fruit, peat or wood!) of the subject, I often feel some longer notes are needed. Personal highlights include the Clynelish 1997 […]