Month: August, 2009

Taste biodynamic wines live on Twitter!

Wine Matters will be hosting a live Twitter tasting of three biodynamic wines on Monday 7th September at 7pm.  Wine Matters has been delving into the topic of biodynamics over the past couple of months, so be sure to take a look at the posts to refresh your memory, or visit Jamie Goode’s series of […]

An update from Burgundy

As I looked out of my window yesterday morning, everything seemed perfect – as expected it was one of the hottest days of the year at around 35c and, so far, August has been absolutely delightful. There was enough rainfall early in the year to keep the water table up and avoid the risk of […]

The holiday edition! A visit to a royal ‘hunting lodge’ and a Vintner returns to Piedmont…

Week 13 of wine adventures in Piedmont August 15th marks ‘Ferragosto’, from the Latin ‘Feriae Augusti’ as the holiday was conceived by Emperor Augustus during the heady days of the Roman Empire in honour of the Gods, particularly those responsible for fertility and ripening, of course. So Italy empties to the coast while the luckless […]

An Oasis 10 minutes from St Emilion

Just back from a glorious two weeks away and I thought I’d share a true find. We drove, taking the great overnight Brittany Ferry crossing from Portsmouth to St Malo (a marvelous meal, a movie in one of four cinemas and a great and spacious Commadore Cabin), five hours to Bordeaux and then a very […]