Month: April, 2009

An interesting first day…

After checking in at the beautiful Ch. du Tertre and a quick lunch in Margaux we headed north to taste in St Julien, invariably the most consistent appellation of Bordeaux.  Not knowing quite what to expect, I think it fair to say that we have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ’08s so […]

Olivier Humbrecht comes to Basingstoke

En route to Amsterdam the towering presence of Olivier Humbrecht MW stooped into Basingstoke last week to show off his fine 2007s. It seems eastern France fared better than their western counterparts in ’07, judging by the quality of White Burgundy, Chablis and the Rhone; and of course those of the Rhine! Nevertheless we were […]

Bordeaux 2008, a surprising vintage

So the week is over, and what a week it has been. Sitting now at Merignac airport, all the talk is of the 2008 wines and how they have completely astonished us. We came to Bordeaux with open minds but, nonetheless, couldn’t help but expect to be faced with dilute, green, tannic wines. This has not […]

A Margaux Morning

We started in the fog yesterday morning. It’s amazing how one’s spirits are dampened by the lack of sun. After a couple of false starts we hit Ch. d’Angludet at 9.30am. We’ve not always got on with this wine but it was fabulous today. As with all the proprietors of chateaux that have succeeded this year, […]