Month: February, 2008

Hong Kong Abolishes Wine Tax

At last, what all wine lovers in Hong Kong have been waiting for! We wholeheartedly welcome the Financial Secretary’s recommendation to remove wine tax. With continuing growth in fine wine sales in China, Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to capture a growing share of the international market and people will now choose to store and […]

Fine Wine Market Update

The Fine Wine Market enjoyed an eagerly anticipated boom from late 2005.  Prices had been somewhat flat for a couple of years and the top wines, particularly those from the 1996 & 2000 Bordeaux vintages, were beginning to look exceptionally cheap.  By early 2006 the bull was up and running, fed by massive demand from […]

Parallel Palates from Burgundy to Borough

  Since moving to the big smoke in a little house near Borough Market, I’ve been taking full advantage of the fantastic local produce. Just a stone’s throw away the epicurean delights called yet again this weekend, forcing me to succumb to the sensational scents of the bustling market. You just can’t beat good ingredients […]