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Alsace update, where they’re finally putting the ‘Cru’ back into Grand Cru…

Last week I nipped up north to Alsace from Barolo to touch base with domaines Ostertag, Weinbach, Zind-Humbrecht, Josmeyer, Rolly-Gassmann, Mittnacht, Trimbach, Schlumberger, Hugel and Deiss as I prepared the ground for Berrys’ September offer. Two issues: terroir, and in particular ‘Crus’, along with the sometimes sticky point of how to communicate the wine’s style […]

From Vosges to Muenchberg, Alsace

Initial impressions of wine regions can often disappoint: arrival at a non-descript airport followed by a drive across a bleak light industrial landscape until hills loom into view on the horizon and vines are finally spotted. My first visit to Alsace was no exception, the drive from Basel airport across the border towards Colmar memorable […]