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How to make the perfect gin Martini

Gin-drinking in 18th-century London was a far cry from the sophisticated world of martini mixology it is today. After a masterclass in Mother’s Ruin, led by Brand Heritage Director Ronnie Cox, we learn how to mix the perfect Martini. To conjure up the scene of 18th century gin-crazed London at a recent Spirits masterclass, Ronnie […]

An August Update from the Spirits Team

As we draw to the end of August, still revelling in the balmy summer evenings, here in the spirits department our office has been very quiet with summer holidays taking most people away for a week or two. However we have not abandoned entertainment and training over these warm months, of course not, and there […]

Berrys’ No.3 Bar at The Royal Albert Hall

For a company with a 300-year-old heritage, and a traditional image, Berry Bros. seem to like innovating! In the past 20 years or so, we have broken more new ground, it seems, than ever before. Shops in Heathrow (now sadly departed), businesses in Asia, forays into the world of hospitality, new products, two new warehouses, […]