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Five wine regions you haven’t tried (but really should)

While we love Burgundy and Bordeaux as much as the next wine-lover, today there is much more to discover and taste. Here Martin Hudson MW details five lesser-known wine regions that should be on your radar. The world of wine has arguably never been as diverse as it is currently. If asked “when was the […]

The Bekaa of beyond

The Lebanon’s foremost producer, Château Musar is worthy of its connoisseur status and more says Emerging Regions Buyer Martin Hudson MW. Here he praises a unique terroir that has thrived in spite of a lengthy war and ongoing political unrest – and explains why our Wine Club members have a vinous treasure in store this […]

On The Road To Damascus

For those of a certain age the words Beirut and Lebanon are shorthand for all that has gone wrong in the Middle East over the past generation; the cauldron of a preternaturally complicated Civil War is still simmering; checkpoints abound on the dusty roads and even smart buildings such as the famous downtown hotel Phoenicia are […]