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Piedmont: five must-try wines

As we look to Piedmont for the just-released 2016 Barolo and 2017 Barbaresco, we asked our Buyer Matt Smith to pick the five wines that would convince any wine-lover of the region’s greatness 2017 Barbaresco, Fletcher Wines One thing that perhaps most surprised me during my last trip of 2019 to the Langhe was the […]

Punset begins its 2013 Nebbiolo for Barbaresco harvest on October 10th

From my office in Serralunga d’Alba, I nipped over to Neive – a 10 minute drive along the Langhe ridge – to meet up with Marina Marcarino of producer Punset as she harvested Nebbiolo in her San Cristoforo vineyard. Her organic vineyards stand out with their autumnal leaves. Marina’s been organic since 1982, being certified […]

There’s a riot goin’ on…the latest rumblings from Italy

Against the backdrop of Berlusconi’s Houdini escape and subsequent civilian unrest along Rome’s ancient streets, there’s marked discontent in the Langhe hills at the way another such imprenditore (businessman), Oscar Farinetti, is conducting his affairs. As managing director and transitory custodian of Fontanafredda, the historic cantina/institution once belonging to Italy’s royal Savoia family he has […]