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The Fine Wine Team Visit Piedmont

Piedmont is without doubt the most beautiful vineyard region I have ever seen. It combines the discreet valleys and small vineyards of Burgundy, with a stunning landscape reminiscent of the Douro’s striking slopes. Driving south from Turin you are greeted by the fertile plains of the Po Valley, which for millennia have been a cross […]

The end is nigh? Time to sit back and enjoy the sounds of the Italia 2012 harvest!

More precisely, the sweet sound of Lucio Battisti played out in the midst of Odilio Antoniotti’s stunning Bramaterra vineyard as his Nebbiolo harvest came to a close.

Welcome to the genial world of Barbera d’Asti producer Paolo Laiolo…

When Paolo Laiolo took up the trowel in 1998 and joined his father Guido at the tiny family estate of Laiolo Reginin, it was made clear to him that though he would probably never become rich, he would nonetheless meet many fascinating people along the way. Undeterred, or perhaps spurred on, Paolo responded by spending […]

Interview with Claudio Rosso, President of the Langhe and Roero Consorzio

At the end of the month Signor Claudio Rosso bows out after three years as the (Honorary) President of the Langhe and Roero Consorzio, representing most – but not all – of the hundreds of (Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Arneis, Moscato) producers in the region. Last week I caught up with him at his family’s Cantina Gigi […]