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Dubee Dubai Doo

Nigel Greening of Felton Road Estate in New Zealand gives us an insight into his recent trip to Dubai… OK, The land of concrete and dust is finally come. Fittingly, I flew in on an Emirates A380, the largest plane in the world. It is an astonishing bit of kit… apparently there is a spa […]

Dinner with Frog’s Leap

Lying in a patch of heaven on Napa’s prime Rutherford Bench is John Williams’ Frog’s Leap winery; an oasis of viticultural life; an island of humility & fine wine, but not a frog in sight!  We were lucky enough to have John come to Berrys to tell his story over dinner; of how, in the […]

Cloudy Bay’s Kevin Judd visits Berrys

  Friday night saw Chief Winemaker Kevin Judd make his inaugural visit to Berrys, hosting a dinner for 39 devotees. Who would have thought that this Hampshire lad (born Totton, Southampton), whose parents emigrated to Adelaide on a £10 (air) ticket would have such a profound impact on the world of wine.  The story goes that founder […]

No starch in my boxers thanks

One of the numerous upsides of working in this great industry is that every now and again you get invited to places that are impossible to get into. A case in point was a few weeks ago being asked to the fabled French Laundry in Napa, California. Always in the top three restaurants of the […]