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Elderton Wines celebrate their 30th birthday

Although 30 years may seem fairly young in many parts of the world, in Australian terms it is an anniversary to be celebrated. And to mark the occasion, Cameron Ashmead, co-owner of Elderton Wines in Australia (makers of many fine wines, not least our very own Berrys’ Australian Shiraz and Chardonnays!), came to visit us […]

The far side of the world

For those of you contemplating travelling to Argentina in the near future,  may I offer are three very valuable pieces of advice. Firstly you must in fact go first to Chile, so as to benefit from going too far, as it were, and having the excuse of crossing the Andes four times before returning home (as […]

A Leap to Napa Valley

In an attempt to live up to Charles Walter Berry’s famous 1930s definition of a wine merchant: ‘The closest link between the people who make the wine and the people who drink the wine’, I recently headed to Frog’s Leap Winery in Rutherford, Napa Valley to help out for a week during the harvest. I’d […]

(The) Giaconda returns to Italy – an interview with Rick Kinzbrunner in Piedmont

What an honour and a pleasure it was to welcome Rick Kinzbrunner, the creator of Giaconda surely one of Australia’s finest wines, back to Piedmont five years after his last visit. The seed was sown for this brief three day tour when Rick came to Berrys last year to host a dinner. Mention of my […]