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A ‘Premier Cru’ Santorini

Last week I went out for dinner with some ‘wine friends’. We always go to a lovely restaurant where the owner lets us bring our own wine – and the pressure is on to bring a really interesting/unusual/just-rather-fine-please bottle of wine to taste blind and share with tapas. With all the recent TV coverage of […]

This Christmas, I’ll be dusting off…

Having been asked on more than one occasion which wines from my cellar I’ll be dusting off this Christmas, I thought I’d jot a few words down for you all. I have always maintained a sturdier red is needed for Christmas lunch, to pep up the blandness of turkey, cut through the bread sauce and sprouts, and cope […]

Spend £250 today and save £50 on

We love Christmas at Berrys and the opportunity it presents to spend time with friends and family indulging in some of our favourite wines. So to help you celebrate in style with the best party in town, look no further than our fantastic three day offer. Simply spend £250 on before midnight on Friday […]

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

Back in 1987, as the newly promoted Marketing Director, I was responsible for replacing the old ‘waistcoat pocket’ Price List with a new, all-singing all-dancing version. To some people, including my father, it was as if I had taken a twelve bore to the ravens in the Tower. The old list was an icon of […]