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Touchdown in Bordeaux

It is a glorious sunny morning in Bordeaux and we are currently wending our way through St Julien, passing by Leoville-Las Cases and Latour as we head to our first appointment of the day at Ch. Montrose. Yesterday’s flight was packed full of the UK wine trade; the annual pilgrimage to Bordeaux had certainly started […]

Berrys in Bordeaux

Every year we go to Bordeaux in early April for the en primeur tastings and every year I am reminded of the hundred years’ war… There is always that sense of anticipation before battle: our palates attempting to discover the truth behind what is always a beautifully executed French PR campaign. According to the Bordelais […]

The Dream Cellar

If we ever came up with a family statement to describe how we view wine at Berry Bros. I doubt it would be more poignant than Michel Chasseuil ‘s recent quote in The Times that “life’s not worth living without pleasure, and pleasure is a glass of wine with each meal” Mr Chasseuil is the […]

On Points…

The description of wine is a very personal matter. Some think in terms of cherries, gooseberries and the like (which can be difficult for those of us brought up in cities), others more simply in terms of structure, class, balance. I am in the latter camp: ask me what aroma jumps out at me from […]