A look at our 2019 Own Selection Gavi


The new 2019 vintage of our Own Selection Gavi del Comune di Gavi has arrived. Davy Żyw, our Italy Wine Buyer, tells us all about it.

We are lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best producers to create our Own Selection wines. Each is the result of our strong relationship with a particular producer, and our total belief in the wines they’re making. We’re extremely proud of the new 2019 vintage of our Gavi di Gavi from Roberto Sarotto.

What is it?

The quintessential Northern Italian white wine, Gavi is famed for its delicacy and finesse. The vineyards of Gavi are planted on the hillsides of Monferatto, in the south-east of Piedmont. Exclusively a white wine zone, all Gavi comes from the Cortese grape.

Ours is made by our friend Roberto Sarotto of Tenuta Manenti. We’ve bought Gavi from him since 2001, when he was the winemaker at Gavi’s cantina sociale (winegrower’s co-operative).

Why is it different?

The name “Gavi” refers to the wider appellation, and also to its most important commune. There are 11 communes and seven hamlets here in total. When a wine is blended from sites across communes, it is labelled as Gavi. Tenuta Manenti, with its white tufo soils, lies within the Gavi commune; our Own Selection wine is thus not just a Gavi, but a Gavi del Comune di Gavi (or just “Gavi di Gavi” for short).

What’s more, this is a single site wine: it comes from the tufo-flecked and rocky Bric Sassi vineyard. This special terroir gives the wine more minerality and energy.

What does it taste like?

This is a textbook Gavi di Gavi, with elegant aromas of white flowers and green pear. The palate is focused and energetic, with generous layers of fresh apple and lemon peel. And those white tufo soils here impart a beautiful, refreshing minerality to the finish.

What should I eat with it?

As a refreshing white wine with high acidity, our Gavi di Gavi is a versatile food wine. So it’s perfect with shellfish, white fish or delicate green vegetable dishes.

You can buy our 2019 Own Selection Gavi del Comune di Gavi or browse all of our Own Selection wines on bbr.com.