Mailly, the Grand Cru village


Champagne Mailly, the collective of growers in the Grand Cru village

Our Champagne Buyer Davy Zyw gives us a taste of the extraordinary village of Mailly, home to our Own Selection Champagne

In the heart of the Montagne de Reims you’ll find Mailly, a 100% Grand Cru village. This means the family-grown grapes in this beautiful north-facing village are some of the best in the whole of the Champagne region.

Pinot Noir is dominant here: the grape gives the village’s wines the pure red fruit and spice characters, and the mineral freshness, that are Mailly’s signature style.

Grown on a bedrock of raw chalk, each parcel of sustainably grown vines is vinified separately to accentuate its terroir.

A sustainable wine; a sustainable way of life

Champagne Mailly, a collective of families, is a remarkable producer. They have already converted many of their vineyards to organic; all are farmed sustainably. They work without pesticides or herbicides, and therefore the vines are healthier, produce better grapes, create better Champagnes and encourages organic diversity amongst the vines.

Each vine is naturally surrounded by wild flowers, buzzing with insects and birds, there is true ecological balance. Production too is increasingly sustainable, we have recently changed the source of our glass bottles, to benefit the environment and lower our carbon footprint.

But the sustainability of the Mailly Champagne winery runs deeper into the chalk bedrock of the Montagne de Reims than the vines themselves. Each family member in the village of Mailly is an intrinsic part of the winery, and every family has ownership and involvement in the vines, the wines and how they are made.

This is why our UKC is truly sustainable, it keeps generations of Champagne lovers quenched with the finest bubbles of the region. And protects the livelihoods of the families and future generations of the Mailly village.

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