What we’re drinking


Photograph: Jason Lowe
Our team is unsurprisingly enthusiastic when it comes to uncorking a bottle or two. In this new monthly spot, we’ll be asking a handful of them to share a wine or spirit that has made a particular impression recently

2015 Lalama, Dominio do Bibei, Ribeira Sacra, Spain

“I’m slightly hesitant to reveal my quarantine go-to lest our remaining stock of the superb 2015 is rapidly diminished, but to save me from drinking it all I most heartily recommend Dominio do Bibei’s fabulous Lalama. A little bit Pinot Noir, a bit Grenache, with a firm nod to Cru Beaujolais and just a suggestion of the Northern Rhône, this fascinating red from Spain’s rugged north-western coast is as multifaceted as it is versatile. Simply singing after five years, this has proven a useful match to the changing weather and tastes of lockdown. Served slightly cool its craggy, slatey backbone shines against charcuterie and salads, while after an afternoon in a decanter it is broad enough to buttress some fatty lamb chops fresh from the grill. Just superb.”

Jared Ehret, Private Account Manager

2016 Au Bon Climat, Hildegard, Santa Maria Valley, California, USA

“Named after the Emperor Charlemagne’s wife (he was the chap who kept spilling red wine down his clothes – so she was a big fan of white wine), this is a blend of three lesser-known Burgundy grapes: Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Aligoté. They are treated with the same respect that Jim treats his Chardonnay – carefully selected, fermented and aged in oak – and the result is a rich, spicy, hedonistic wine. Chardonnay 2.0. Delicious.”

Barbara Drew MW, Events Manager

2019 Gavi di Gavi, Bric Sassi, Roberto Sarotto, Piedmont, Italy

“A return to an old friend and favourite for me: the Gavi di Gavi, Bric Sassi from Roberto Sarotto. I first tasted a vintage of this wine at Vinitaly in 2002 and it blew me away from the first sip. Almost 20 years later, it has remained a stalwart of our Italian range and for good reason. There is a real ethereal beauty to the pure, lifted Cortese fruit in this wine, missing from most commercial Gavi. Undoubtedly a notch above most of its peers, it’s very versatile and is at home on its own in the garden as it is alongside fish, pasta and chicken dishes.”

Chris Pollington, Private Account Manager

2008 Champagne Pol Roger, Rosé, Brut*

“A delicious birthday treat: 2008 Pol Roger Rosé was my most recent lockdown bottle. After a glass or two, the realisation hit me that something this wonderful should surely not be enjoyed only on one day of the year. The Pinot-focused fizz was showing superbly with an abundance of red-berried fruit alongside touches of dried strawberries and toast. A fabulous apéritif, it also drank superbly with my starter of seared scallops and samphire. I needn’t have opened anything else.”

Isabella Cameron, Experiences Manager

*We currently have the 2009 vintage in stock

2019 Moscato d’Asti, Marcarini, Piedmont, Italy**

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, they say? Well, I intend to drink a glass of Moscato if that’s the case. Having been blessed with such glorious weather of late and in desperate need of finding something to lift me out of these dystopian doldrums, a glass of the delicately effervescent 2019 Moscato d’Asti from Marcarini – with its levity and charm – was the tonic I was after. Wonderfully pretty with notes of elderflower and orange blossom dusted with powdered sugar, its light bubbles dance across your tongue. Often overlooked for more serious apéritif contenders, Moscato is unapologetically just that, not serious. That is the secret behind its brilliance. Find yourself a spot in the sun with a cold bottle of Marcarini’s Moscato and let the world float on by.”

George Turner, Assistant Shop Manager (London)

**Currently unavailable online, but limited stock will be available in our London Shop when it opens on 15th July