Honeybees arrive at our Hampshire warehouses


As two beehives are installed in the garden behind our Basingstoke warehouses, Emily Holden explains what all the buzz is about

The hives – which each contain between 50 and 70,000 bees – are the first of six, which will be managed by local beekeepers, with a little help from keen apiarists from around the company.

The bees have been introduced as part of our ongoing sustainability efforts. They’re located just around the corner from our employee-run allotment (which is currently enjoying a bumper crop of raspberries), while solar panels line the neighbouring warehouse roofs.

Originally, we’d hoped to set up hives on the roof of our home at No.3 St James’s Street, but plans changed when local beekeepers advised us that the number of bees in central London has reached maximum capacity due to the popularity of similar initiatives from restaurants, hotels and department stores.

Honey collected from the hives will be used by our Head Chef Stewart Turner and his team in the kitchens at No.3 (quite the hive of activity themselves – preparing meals for the thousands of guests who attend events in our London cellars each year).

Bees play a vital role as pollinators, helping to maintain biodiversity within the local area, and ours are already busy exploring the various wildflowers of the Hampshire countryside.

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