Five tips for finding the perfect wedding wine


Just Married. Cartoon: Jonathan Pugh, who is published each day in The Daily Mail

Cartoon: Jonathan Pugh, who is published each day in The Daily Mail
Whether you are planning your own or helping a friend or family member, here are five simple ways to make sure that whatever’s filling your guests’ glasses is a cut-above
  1. Do the sums: While whatever you serve (especially with our advice) will be absolutely delicious, you don’t want to get stuck drinking it for the next six months; nor do you want a horde of thirsty guests when the bar runs dry at 9pm. As a general rule, allow for two to three glasses of fizz per person, plus one for the toasts (more if those speaking aren’t the best time-keepers). Half a bottle of still wine works well for a dinner party, but two thirds is playing it safe – after all, we all like to celebrate a little more at weddings.
  2. It doesn’t have to be Champagne: Even we admit that the Champagne name can carry a premium. If you are pushed for budget, there are plenty of absolutely delicious alternative sparkling wines – try a Crémant or (and trust us, here) really good Spanish fizz or Cava, that will come in at a much lower price point.
  3. Make it a household affair: Don’t avoid own-label wines – they often offer excellent value for money. Merchants make the most of their relationships with producers to make something classic in style, often suited to earlier drinking. (Explore ours here.)
  4. Screwcaps have their own charm: We would never choose a wine purely on its closure type, but it’s worth considering. If you are serving lots of wine, the waiting staff will be thankful for screwcaps and – if your venue does not come with sommelier service, you can be confident that Aunt Edie won’t end up with a corked bottle.
  5. Go with the crowd:While something unusual could be a potential talking point, wedding wines should be effortlessly crowd-pleasing, equally enjoyable on their own or with food (bear in mind that many people will stick resolutely to white or red all night long). That said, when it comes to menu-pairing: don’t forget about the vegans, vegetarians and gluten-frees; follow what you like; and – if in doubt – talk to an expert.

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