Month: April, 2016

On the table: Cafe Murano

Victoria Stewart visits the second branch of Cafe Murano, an excellent Italian spot offering access to Angela Hartnett’s fabled food in Covent Garden. A year spent studying in Verona 10 years ago taught me that the simple fact of living in Italy does not guarantee you good food. I did eat some truly excellent things […]

The sheer appeal of Sherry

This month Damian Carrington muses the food matching power of Manzanilla and Fino, the absolute pleasure to be sought in a copita of Amontillado or Oloroso and the London spots serving serious Sherry alongside stonking Spanish food. As I know I have written before, I have a very soft spot for fortified wine and in […]

Port: the Englishman’s wine

As we offer a very special Tawny Port to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, we republish an article from the Autumn 1956 edition of our Number Three magazine focusing on this most English of wines. Port is probably the only drink to owe its character entirely to international co-operation. Even that other famous fortified wine, […]

Bordeaux 2015: the role of the merchant

With his final epistle, Jonathan White emphasises the merchant’s role in assessing and advising on Bordeaux 2015, a vintage about which the team is undoubtedly excited. On Wednesday morning Christian Seely of Ch. Pichon Baron discussed with us the challenges of taking part in blind tastings and the difficulties faced when you are judging wines […]