Rock ’n’ Rhône


Anne McHale MW seizing centre-stage at rehearsals

Anne McHale MW seizing centre stage at rehearsals

Select musical members of the wine trade have joined together to form Skin Côntact – the industry’s very own rock band – who will be performing a one-off event in aid of Wine Relief (the wine industry’s fundraising efforts for Comic Relief). We speak to our band member Anne McHale MW  backing vocalist, delightful diva and member of our Wine School team.

Who brought this illustrious group of oenophiles together in the name of rock ’n’ Rhône?

The brilliant Richard Hemming, wine writer and talented keyboard player.

Is there a diva of the band?

Obviously – me! Not content with merely singing backing vocals, I have demanded to be given the spotlight with a solo number too. To be revealed on the night…

If your voice was a wine, what would it be?

Hm… my voice is quite girly and feminine, but with a good deal of operatic power when required. I’d say a delicately-perfumed, ethereal Barbaresco with grip and structure behind it.

Renée Fleming or Rihanna – and why?

Up until my rock band début I might have gone straight for Renée due to my classical singing background, but now I think I’d have to say a bit of both. Plus I’ve had a fondness for Rihanna since she recorded a music video in a field in my native Northern Ireland (much to the horror of the local farmers).

What is on Skin Côntact’s rider?

Since it’s a Rhône-themed event, plenty of Rhône wines to keep the nerves at bay.

Which song is your ‘guilty pleasure’?

I think most music-lovers would dub my entire collection a ‘guilty pleasure’. For now I’m only going to confess to ‘Without You’ by Mariah Carey.

What is the most rock n’ roll thing you have ever done?

Having been a choir girl for most of my life, I’m afraid I have no impressive rock ’n’ roll moments to show off about. Skin Côntact Live will be rock ’n’ roll enough to make up for it all though – so don’t miss out.

Is Skin Côntact really for one night only?

You’ll have to come along to the gig to find out.

Find out more about the wine industry’s only rock band and buy tickets to see Skin Côntact live on their website.