Month: December, 2014

Christmas Claret… and so forth

Philip Moulin is the Bordeaux buyer for Wine Club. In timely fashion, he elucidates on the finer points of that festive staple, Claret Over the years, I’ve had many people tell me (sometimes even those whom I trust) that red Bordeaux, or ‘Claret’ as we call it in Britain, is not necessarily the best thing […]

What makes a classic Christmas wine?

Demetri Walters MW from our Private Wine Events team explores some suitable alternatives to the traditional festive wines, many of them classics in their own right To me a classic wine is one widely acknowledged to be of the highest quality over an extended period of time, but acknowledged by whom? If you were to […]

The things we do for love

Damian Carrington, Commercial Director of our wholesale arm Fields, Morris & Verdin, reveals his passion for Burgundy – and the best restaurants in London to sample its regal charms I am going to let you into a secret: I absolutely love wine. This may come as little surprise but since my earliest days working for […]

Krug: a Marque of distinction

Gary Owen, a Private Account Manager in our Fine Wine team, explains the superstar allure of Krug’s prestige Champagnes on the eve of a rare tasting hosted by its ebullient House Director, Olivier Krug There are very few wines which evoke the excitement, nay, almost hysteria amongst those in the wine trade and customers alike […]