Month: April, 2014

Bordeaux 2013: judging on a case by case basis

In his final report from Bordeaux 2013, Jonathan White finds that this is a vintage where blanket statements and generalisations won’t cut it. There’s youthful charm, interesting stylistic departures and good quality to be found for those willing to do the legwork and taste, taste, taste. Low yields, historically low production, rigorous selection and careful […]

Bordeaux 2013: spare a thought for the winemakers

I’m glad I’m not a Bordeaux winemaker. Especially in en primeur week. And most especially in what everyone agrees is a “challenging” vintage, which much of the world’s press had already written off without tasting a single drop. At times, it must be terrific of course. FĂȘted the world over, and with a cellar full […]

Bordeaux 2013: Pauillac’s highs and lows

Putting rumour and conjecture to one side, a clearer picture of the 2013 vintage is emerging for our buying team as they complete their third full day of tasting. Jonathan White reports. It was a day of both historic blends and record yields today, with Ch. Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande in particular achieving just […]

2013 Bordeaux: a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot vintage?

With palates now fully acclimatised to the vintage (not to mention the early-morning tasting appointments), Jonathan White reports on the second full day of Bordeaux 2013. And there are, it seems, some pleasant surprises… Our morning began with a visit to Moueix, which is always a welcome start to the day given the wide range […]