Rave reviews for the latest Jolie-Pitt production



Celebrity winemakers are often met with a cynically cocked eyebrow in the wine world but, as their second vintage launches, there’s no shortage of critical acclaim for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 2013’s Miraval rosé.

Last February, Hollywood super-couple Brangelina launched their debut vintage of Miraval. It wasn’t just the A-listers’ fans who were queueing up to get their hands on a bottle – the unprecedented worldwide demand meant serious wine-lovers were also keen to have a taste.

Not only did the Jolie-Pitts reportedly serve the wine to guests at their wedding, but it ended the year garnering even more attention when it was named as the highest-ranked rosé in the Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 wines list. So, there is plenty of hype – but is the liquid any good? Over to our buyer Simon Field MW:

Organically cultivated, the 2013 is an outstanding rosé, its gentle pale rose colour almost luminous in its beauty, its aromas subtle and lingering and its flavour profile enjoining citrus and red-berried fruits with great harmony. There is, as with all great Provence Rosé, a pleasing herbal twist on the finish and more concentration than one may have expected from the understated hue. The kiss of spice at the end of the palate seals the deal.

Miraval the property and Miraval the wine capture the essence of Provençal charm, the epitome, perhaps, of Matisse’s ‘Luxe, calme et volupté’. The terraced vineyards date from Roman times, as indeed do the surrounding forests, the environment of scrubland (aka garrigue) thyme and olives, providing a most welcome refuge, no doubt, for Hollywood A-listers seeking to brush up their winemaking knowledge. It seems, indeed, that Brad and Angelina are more hands-on than one may have expected, their hands expertly guided around the winery by the Perrin family of Beaucastel fame.

Miraval 2013 is available exclusively through bbr.com in the UK.