Foods to match with En Rama Sherry



Have you tried En Rama Sherry? This relatively unknown type of Sherry has a very distinctive flavour and, thanks to unique wine making processes, is best drunk relatively soon after purchase. With this in mind, I decided to compile my list of top things to eat with En Rama Sherries to help you enjoy this unusual fortified wine at its best.

So, briefly, why is this wine different to all others? The reason is that production is quite different: unlike other wines, it is bottled straight from the cask, with no filtering or filtration. This totally impacts the flavour by keeping all the freshness and flavour of Sherry ageing under “flor”.

Flavour-wise, these delicately flavoured Sherries are so representative of the terroir they come from. They are also all ideally suited to a variety of occasions and food matchings: be it seafood, savoury dishes or meats. Here I’m going to match this year’s Lustau release of  En Rama sherries, best known as the “The Trio”: two characterful Finos from Jerez and El Puerto plus one Manzanilla from Sanlucar.

The Manzanilla from Sanlucar is the lightest and more delicate of the three, and its pronounced marine, seashell-like note on the palate is perfect for sea food, clams and oysters.

Fino de Jerez on the other hand, has a nuttier nose and works well as an early evening dry aperitif along with walnut bread topped with a dash of olive oil.

Fino de El Puerto shares some characteristics of its siblings yet the texture is quite remarkable for its weight and mouthfeel. It is the more robust of the three and the best candidate to have with some hand-cut Iberico ham and lomo, standing up to the density of the cured meats so popular in the local restaurants.

Of course this Sherry is best enjoyed when complemented by the beautiful seaside sunset of Jerez, but we don’t have this luxury in London. So alternatively, “The Trio” makes an excellent food and wine matching evening at home: why not try it for yourself?