And so it begins…


After the hype and chaos that was Bordeaux 2009, it seems quite incredible to think that yet another great vintage may be on our doorstep. As my colleague Max writes in his blog, all the early indications are that this vintage is very special – but I will be heading down to Bordeaux on Sunday to find out for myself.

Meanwhile, I see the annual fun and games have started already. As reported by yesterday, French wine critic Michel Bettane is threatening to boycott the primeurs unless ‘other’ critics are told to hold back on their scores before the main tastings. But one less body in Bordeaux next week won’t be a bad thing at all to be honest. We shall miss him. Consumers are a savvy bunch and they will wait until all the critics and dare I say it, even the little wine merchants, have their opinions in. They will triangulate their favourites, make their minds up and then sit back and watch the never ending tumbleweed of indecision as we all wait for the prices to be released.

But we all know nothing will happen until Big Bob unleashes his scores at the end of April so we all have plenty of time to twit/blog/face/flic/pigeon our ramblings back to HQ. Oh and please don’t take away Mr Suckling’s critique….priceless. 2010 BDX…Bring it on!

For the inside track on our thoughts and opinions, you can follow our progress during the week on Berrys’ Wine Blog and get up-to-the-minute reactions from me and the gang on Twitter @BigSiTheWineGuy as we leave each château.