Month: January, 2011

The New York Paulée

Burgundy 2009 season is now in full swing. The main events have already taken place in London and I am about to travel to Japan and Hong Kong to talk Burgundy with our enthusiastic teams there. This will be work rather than play, but I shall get a chance to do both when I go […]

Food & Wine Matching on a Budget

After the indulgences of Christmas, most of us will be feeling the pinch a bit, but there’s no need to give up one of life’s pleasures to get the bank balance back into the black. We’ve come up with a few handy tips and ideas to help you choose wines that offer great value and that […]

Delirious reflections on a sick bed

Assuming I come out of this one okay – cough! – I’ve always tried to put a positive spin on the annual bout of flu. It’s the body’s way of telling you to slow down (cowboy) or risk coming a cropper. Flu and other such afflictions (losing one’s Ashes for example) provide a natural boost […]

Digesting 2010 and laying the table for Italia 2011

There’s been quite a lot to stomach of late, and I’m not just referring to the festive roll of cotechino e lenticchie (sausage and lentils), cappone (capon), marron glaces, and panettone. No, at the turn it’s perhaps worth reflecting on what’s been served up wine wise from Italia over the past 12 months, and what’s […]