Month: November, 2010

Special delivery – meet the driver

As Christmas approaches I am bracing myself for six weeks of early starts and late nights delivering in London. But after 27 years, I still relishes each round. My normal day starts at 8.30am and ends at 6pm, but at Christmas it starts at 7am and won’t end till 10pm. The number of drops I […]

In search of Campania’s Aglianico, the Godfather of Italian red grapes…

Sweeping aside the rubbish that chokes Napoli’s streets, and Silvio’s garbage currently clogging up the nation’s arteries and airwaves, denigrating its fine people, I have just spent a paradoxically upbeat couple of days among the Campanian hills seeking out Aglianico as expressed though the Taurasi DOCG, along with white siblings Fiano di Avellino and Greco […]

Ma Sherry Amour

Oh, the many wonders of Sherry. In my mind it is undeniably the world’s most underrated, underpriced and truly splendid wine. Now, I’m not really talking about the sweet tasteless stuff that Auntie Mavis used to drink with the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, I’m enthusing about the serious, nutty, complex, mouth-watering delights of the […]