Wine Matters on: Wine Investment


MoutonRBottlesFor those of you who have been following Wine Matters’ blog posts, you will remember that many-a discussion was created around the topic of biodynamics.  Please keep these comments coming as we move on to a new subject: Wine Investment.  We will be kicking this theme off with a post from Joss Fowler, one of Berrys’ resident fine wine experts, who will talk us through the roller coaster ride of the last year in wine investment.  Joss will be posting his thoughts on Berrys’ Wine Blog tomorrow, followed up by videos and posts from industry experts and those who have taken the plunge and invested in wine themselves.  Next week we will be taking a look around Gateway House, Berry’s new storage warehouse and talking to Tom Cave (Berrys’ Cellar Plan Manager) and Keith Procter (Operations Director) about the importance of provenance when storing and investing in wine.

Wine investment is the topic on everyone’s lips, just last week we saw a boom in sales of Ch. Mouton-Rothschild, particularly the seemingly undervalued 2008 vintage – this is identical to what we have seen with Ch. Lafite-Rothschild over recent years.

So, please join our discussions as we move on to this exciting topic – share your thoughts, experiences and questions with us and we’ll endeavour to bring you up-to-date information and opinions from those in the know.