En Primeur season is almost open…and we’re off this weekend to bag us a few beauties!



It’s going to be a tricky one to be honest. If Oliver (our Fine Wine Purchasing Manager) and I hadn’t just tried a handful of 2007s in February (watch out for a spellbinding 2007 Ch. Giscours this year…as long as the price is correct it’s a cellar must-have) I would be packing my well used tasting book and gnarled biro without a great deal of enthusiasm, as on paper, the vintage looked to be a bit of a damp squib.

Bordeaux had as dreadful a Summer as we did, with very little warmth and particularly little sunshine, but a vintage saving blast of Indian Summer has been credited in turning this bad boy round and if the wines we tried earlier in the year are anything to go by, we are genuinely excited about flying down for the week and quaffing some soft and attractive wines.

Sadly not every year can be 2005, but I have a feeling that the châteaux who took pains (and costs) in the vineyards with their rigorous selection of ripe grapes, will be offering a more generous wine than the majority of 2006s.

If the châteaux take pity on us and acknowledge a Euro that is 15% stronger than our poor old pound then we have a campaign…but that’s a rant for another day.

Follow our exploits next week with notes, pictures and podcasks on bbr.com, and if you have any specific questions do let me know…Viva 2007 En Primeur!!