Something for the weekend?



On Sunday morning I did something I never thought 1) I would ever do 2) Would ever have the balls to do!

When my alarm rang at half six it dawned on me that I would be starring on LIVE BLOOMIN TV, appearing on a Wine Segment on Something for the Weekend (BBC 2), in less than 4 hours….HELP. All week I’d been playing it cool at work, pushing the nervous thoughts to the back my mind (my teacher always told me I had an ostrich-like neck for burying my head in the sand!), but I had been wonderfully prepared by Vicky (our PR Manager), and JoJo (from the show).

Breakfast was a non-runner, All Bran wasn’t going to help today! A nip of Highland Park 18yr old to calm me? Perhaps not! As I got to the studio my angel for the day JoJo (Food Producer) temporarily calmed my nerves, running through the segment with me a couple of times, meeting Tim, Amanda and Simon (pictured above), who were so laid back they were horizontal, like the wiley old pro’s! Well with two hours to go the nerves were back and the pressure cooker inside this young novice was about to blow!

Well after some makeup to hide my spots, it was into the green room and some welcome distraction. Meeting the guys from Athlete and Paddy McGuinness, all top lads and very down-to-earth, just whiling away the morning talking about the footie and the Hatton Fight which Paddy is going to and attending the after show party (fame eh!!!).

Well as the show rolled on it was getting closer and closer, I could hardly walk, let alone talk about wine! Then…. there was the call, “Adam to the set”!!! I will never know what nerves footballers feel when they walk out to a World Cup Final, but by gee I think I now have some idea. I propped myself by the bar and held on for dear life, the legs were doing the Elvis and then it was the count down…. on in 30…20…10…5…4…3…2…1

I remember the intro from Tim and then that’s it…. BANG! GONE!

Just one hazy blur of adrenalin!

Looking back now I’m pretty proud and happy I did it. I’ve watched it and know I can do far better but as a first effort I’ll give myself a C. The biggest hurdle is over, the NERVE factor, but I’m all the better for this and I’m ready for action and the next time!!!

Ps….At the time I didn’t notice…. but what a top wine 2004 Ch. Fonbel is, a classic St Emilion with lots of muscular young Merlot fruit, well-integrated tannins, well-balanced oak – I can understand why people have quoted it as a mini Ch. Ausone! For just £15 you get a glimpse… a feel… a vision as to what one of the greatest wines on Planet Earth has to offer. A bargain! And perfect for Christmas lunch.